Congo-Nile Trail

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Congo-Nile TrailAfter a few relaxing days in Gisenyi, we head further south. We liked our time on Lake Kivu, so we decide to stay close to the lake a few more days. According to the guidebook Kibuye, a town south of Gisenyi, is a nice place as well. That is were we will be going today. We heard about a direct road from Gisenyi to Kibuye that follows the shores of Lake Kivu. On our maps we cannot discover any road, but the owner of the campsite confirms the existence of the ‘Congo-Nile Trail’. Lees meer (Read more)

Land of a thousand hills

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Land van duizend heuvelsThe land of a thousand hills’ is the slogan that invites tourists to visit Rwanda. Green hills, nature parks, Mountain Gorillas and white beaches on Lake Kivu, the brochures promise a great holiday destination. Yet, beautiful nature was not the first thing I was thinking of when we discussed to ride through Rwanda. The first thing that came to mind was the horrific genocide that took place in 1994. Lees meer (Read more)

In search of Mountain Gorilla’s

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Op zoek naar berggorilla's!Deep in the tropical rainforests of Uganda lives one of the most endangered species in the world; the Mountain Gorilla. It is one of four types of gorilla’s and with a population of only 850 by far the most endangered type. The Mountain Gorilla is found in the national parks on the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo (DRC). Each year, only a limited number of tourists can go on a gorilla-tracking. We were two of the lucky ones who managed to get tickets! Lees meer (Read more)

Green, greener, greenest

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GroengandaAfter some relaxed days in Fort Portal, we ride out to the crater lakes just south of the city. Once we leave the center we immediately drive in a rural area along green fields and many bright green banana trees. The road winds up and down over the round hills. Here and there are small brown houses, sometimes right on top of such a round bump. The rain of the last days has done nature well, because everything sparkles in dozens colors of green. Lees meer (Read more)

About Rolex and the Hilton

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Over Rolex en het HiltonWe wake up in the cramped bed and look around the room. There is stuff everywhere and clothes are hanging to dry. It is a mess and it smells pretty bad. A sour smell comes from our motorcycle boots, our motorcycle suits smell like wet dog and my helmet does not particularly smell like flowers either. After a day in the rain and mud, we look like real adventurers and so do we smell as well. A cold shower and a block of soap give a fresh feeling, which unfortunately immediately disappears as soon as we put on our suits again. Just a few more days and then we will have time to wash everything. Mélu despite everything looks like a well-groomed Parisian, complete with tight fitted motorcycle jeans, a white scarf à la Jackie Kennedy and motorcycle boots with high heels. So it is possible… Lees meer (Read more)

Motorbike safari in Uganda

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Motorsafari in OegandaGrand waterfalls, white beaches on an azure ocean, tropical forests, gurgling volcanoes, blistering hot deserts and raging rivers. All this we saw during our trip through Africa. And chances are that we will see such beauty again on other continents. However, one thing is unique to Africa: the vast savannas bearing the ‘Big Five’. Africa is the only continent where lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and African elephants still exist in the wild. They can be seen during a safari in one of the many national parks. And now we’re here … Lees meer (Read more)

Heavenly honeymoon

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Hemelse Honeymoon 5Peter and I are not married, but if anyone asks I introduce Peter as my ‘husband’. First, because “boyfriend” or “partner” sounds a little funny, but mainly because it is easier and avoids complicated questions. Where it is generally accepted in the Netherlands that we lived together as an unmarried couple and are now travelling together, it certainly is not the case in Africa. When we fill out forms, we can often only choose between “single” or “married.” Anything in between does not seem to exist. In order to share a hotel room we fill in that we are married. And on the streets, when a little too pushy African wants to take a picture with me (his “white European girlfriend”), I hold up my ringed finger and I point to ‘my husband’. Although we never officially said “yes” to each other, we are marries if any one asks and -in line with that- we enjoyed even an unexpected honeymoon …. Lees meer (Read more)

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