afrika-68Previous trips

As our previous trips have determined the way we travel today, we did not want to leave those out. Click on the links in the text below for a photo impression of each trip.

We got to know each other in 2007 during an organized group trip to Kenya and Tanzania. A special trip after which the love for Africa and African wildlife was born.

Indonesië, BaliAfter that trip, we decided to travel without a tour guide. We each packed a backpack and traveled together to Asia. In 2008 we visited Laos and Cambodia. In 2009 we flew to Indonesia to go the islands of Java, Bali and Lombok.

The first motor trip we took was to Italy. In June 2009 we drove the Africa Twin in 1.5 weeks to Bologna (Italy). Peter drove with Leonie as pillion. From sunny Bologna we took a night train back to rainy Holland.

NoorwegenShortly after Leonie got her license in May 2010, we left on the Transalp and Africa Twin for three weeks to Norway. A beautiful country, where we already took some gravel roads.

In 2011 we went to the south. The goal was Croatia, through Germany, Austria and Slovenia. A beautiful, sunny trip over winding asphalt roads and forest paths. We often looked at each other: We could ride further south and not go home”

marokko-50In 2012 we went to Morocco on the Transalp and Africa Twin. A wonderful trip, with a steep learning curve. The bikes were too heavy for the kind of paths we wanted to ride, especially for Leonie. After this trip we decided to search lighter bikes for the RTW-trip.