New adventures!

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We have been back in the Netherlands for six months now and are doing well. We cannot say we are completely settled in yet, but we are getting there. The website has been quiet, but in the background there is a lot of activity. We have plunged into new adventures we would love to share with you:
5x Motoplus – Book – Presentations –

5 x MotoPlus


The next few months a serie of five articles will be published in  Motoplus, a leading Dutch motorcycle magazine! The first edition will be in stores this weekend and will also be available through the Motoplus website Unfortunately for our English readers the articles will be in Dutch, but the good news is that we will publish two articles in an American Magazine later this year. We will keep you posted!

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Lagunas Route

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Lagunas RouteIn the southwest of Bolivia, high in the Andes, there is a beautiful nature park. You will find hot springs, lakes that change colour, ancient plants and animals that only live there. It is far away from civilization and only accessible through a network of gravel roads and dirt tracks. The route through the area known as the “Lagunas Route”. A multi-day trip through rugged terrain, which can be very challenging due to the altitude and the changeable weather. We heard about altitude sickness, crashes in the deep sand and gusts of wind of hurricane force. But we also heard that for many travellers the route was a highlight of their trip. And that was the deciding factor: we are going to ride Lagunas Route! Lees meer (Read more)

From steel steeds to beasts of burden

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Van stalen ros tot pakezelPeter and I take quite a bit of gear on our trip, about 35 kilo (77 pound) on each bike. We carry all that gear in bags that are attached to the bike: a tank bag on the tank, two bags next to the rear wheel and a duffel on top. In addition, we take a fuel jerrycan and a tool tube on each bike. We have turned our steel steeds into real beasts of burden. Lees meer (Read more)

Around the world on a motorbike, who does that?

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BoekenWhat would it be like if we could travel for more than three weeks? If, after riding to the south for 1.5 week, we would not have to turn around to go home to be back in time to go to work?” If you go on the internet with those thoughts, you will soon find out that we are not the first with such ideas. The internet is full of great travel blogs, with pictures from all corners of the world.

If you search for ‘round the world’ and ‘motor’ you will soon find the website of Horizons Unlimited. Lees meer (Read more)

No sore butt!

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Nooit meer een houten kont100.000 kilometre (62.000 miles), that is how long our possible route is. From Amsterdam to South-Africa, then the complete Pan-American Highway, a tour in Australia and from Asia back home to the Netherlands. A long way! And all those miles we sit on the bike. Reason enough to pay some attention the a proper seat in our surge for the perfect travel bike! Lees meer (Read more)

Recipe for an adventure bike

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Recept voor een reismotorTo travel around the world, we have to adjust the bikes and prepare them as ‚travel bikes’. The most important adjustment is the possibility to take luggage. Buying a bag does not do the job. The bags have to be fitted to the bike and -maybe even more importantly- the bike has to be able to carry the extra weight. To be able to drive comfortably and safely with luggage, we had the shocks and the suspension adjusted. Lees meer (Read more)

Last day at work!

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Laatste werkdagTravel without obligations. No tour guide we have to follow, no set route, no job to return to and no fixed costs. Ultimate freedom, that is what we dreamed of when we first considered to travel.

A sabbatical of a few months would not be sufficient to realise that dream. For the ultimate freedom we would both have to quit our jobs. And we would not make any arrangement to return to the same job afterwards. How ever great this might sound, it was easier dreamed than done. Lees meer (Read more)