Land of extremes

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Land van uiterstenOnce we leave Sossusvlei and the campsite in Sesriem behind us, we are once again alone. There is no traffic anywhere around us. It is as if the buses full of tourists and the many campers have dissolved in the Namibian dust. The road is in poor condition and has been changed into a rough washboard by the heavy coaches. Because we are the only ones on the road we can use the full width of the road to find the best path and avoid the biggest stones. It is still early but already very hot. Whenever we stopped to take a picture, it is nice to continue driving again for some air flow to cool down. With all the zippers of our suit open for some ventilation and with sun cream on the cheeks we bounce through the dust. Lees meer (Read more)

A guest from home

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Bezoek uit NederlandRiding around the world for two years is a great adventure. Away from everything we know, we discover together what the world has to offer. No familiar flat grasslands like in Holland, but vast deserts, high mountain ridges and rough oceans. We taste different food, hear other birds and see how others live. The journey gives us a great sense of freedom. An experience of which we already know that we will carry it with us for the rest of our lives.

But a journey of two years around the world also means that we will not see our family and friends during that time. Lees meer (Read more)

A house in Africa

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Een huis in AfrikaWanted: someone who watches our campsite during our vacation.” In short, that was the advert we saw when we were still in Uganda. The message was placed on the website Horizons Unlimited by Duncan and Elli, owners of a campsite in South Africa. They were looking for someone who wanted to look after their campsite ‘African Overlanders’ for a few weeks, in exchange for staying in their home, a place to carry out maintenance and a good internet connection. Just want we needed; an alternation to travelling, an opportunity to experience managing a campsite and three weeks in a house instead of our tent. And, after eight months it seems to be a good time for maintenance on the bikes and the website as well. Lees meer (Read more)