From one office, to another and another…

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Van het kastje naar de muur vlagAfter we went through the Libyan border fairly quickly, a new test awaited us: the Egyptian border. The border with Egypt and especially the sluggish bureaucracy there is notoriously under overlanders. We had read stories about the procedure at the border and they were not always positive, telling about long delays (up to 10 hours), paying high sums of bribes, unnecessarily long discussions about seemingly trivial things (again with a view to bribes) and interrogations of several hours. Apart from the administrative side, we also read that travelers were harassed and robbed. Not a pleasant prospect. Lees meer (Read more)

Unbelievable hospitality

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Ongekende gastvrijheidAfter Abdul Hamid and Ali bought us a full tank of fuel, we went on our way to the east towards Ajdabiya. The area through which we drive is dry with here and there some low vegetation. We again pass many oil refineries that, with access to the Mediterranean Sea, send the ‘black gold’ on to the world. The signs of the revolution are visible here. Along the way are countless burnt cars, especially pick-ups. The burn marks on the asphalt and the potholes made by bombing mean we have to pay a lot of attention on the road. At some point we see a row of tanks parked on a hill next to the road. It is clear that the tanks are no longer in use and have been put here after the revolution. We drive into the desert to take a closer look. The bullet casings lie scattered in the sand. It is an impressive sight. After an extensive photo shoot with the men in, on, behind and under the tanks, we continue our journey. It is not far to Ajdabiya anymore. Lees meer (Read more)

The same but very different

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Hetzelfde maar heel andersBefore we ride to Salahs house, we first follow him to a restaurant to get some food. Due to the meeting in Tripoli earlier that day and the unexpected tour of Leptis Magna we did not eat anything for lunch. A little hungry we park the bikes in front of the restaurant where we are warmly welcomed by Mohammed, a friend of Salah.

As soon as we get inside, the boys are directed to the toilet. When I want to follow them, Salah and Mohammed redirect me to the second floor. One of the guys from the restaurant runs after me and hands over a box of tissues. Once upstairs, I realize I am in the secluded area of ​​the restaurant which is especially for the women. It is a large room with plastic tables and chairs and a bathroom in the corner. It is not customary for men and women to enjoy their meals in the same room. When women are travelling, if they can, they usually sit in these areas separated from the men. Lees meer (Read more)

“Welcome to Libya!”

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Welcome to Libya!Ever since we applied for the visas I had butterflies in my stomach from the idea that we would go to Libya. The media reports on Libya are not exactly positive. The revolution in 2011 has ensured that Gaddafi no longer controls the country and that Libya is open to the world now. However, the new government is not in full control yet and different groups try to disrupt things on a regular basis. Especially around Benghazi incidents occur regularly, of which foreigners have been victim as well.

The butterflies in my stomach steadily increased as we got closer to the Libyan border. Lees meer (Read more)