Overlanders on the road

We have already met a lot of other overlanders on the road. Some like us by motorbike, others with a fully equipped car or even by bicycle. This is a list of links to some of their blogs (in the order we met them).

Billy & RossBilly (GB, BMW 650 GS) and Ross (GB, BMW 650 GS)
London to Cape Town – A motorbike adventure
We met in Tunisia and travelled with them through Libya. Two friends on their way to South Africa.

Susanna and Karl (Austria, Mercedes motorhome)
We met in the middle of the Egyptian desert. They traveled with their car for two years through Africa. From Morocco on the west coast to the south and from there they rode back north again following the east coast of Africa.

Meeting in the desertJohn and Ruth (South Africa and Switzerland, but living in Australia, Landrover Defender 110) www.getjealous.com/landioverland
We met in the middle of the Egyptian desert, while they were on their way from Cape Town to Cairo.

Tulsi (China, bicycle) Facebook
We met in Egypt on the way to Aswan. He has been traveling on a bicycle for more than a year, riding from China through the Middle East to Africa.

Mike and Emma (GB, Landrover Defender 130) Rutters on Tour
We met in Egypt in the port of Aswan. They toured through Africa for two years. First on the west coast to the south and then following the east coast to the north, back to Europe.

Monch & Sylvie (Switzerland, Landrover Defender) www.orange-iguana.ch
We met in Egypt in the port of Aswan. They travelled more than two years through Asia and Africa. The blog chronicles the adventures of their car Orange Iguana, which has now been around the world twice.

Stone (China, bicycle) Facebook
We met on the boat to Sudan. For more than a year he travelled on his bicyle from China through the Middle East to Africa.

Reve de MôméGregory & Cecile, with their children, Hansel , Eusebio and Jao (France, three bicycles ) revedemome.wordpress.com
We met on the boat to Sudan. After traveling for half a year on a bicycle through Madagascar, they left in June 2013 on their bicycles to the African mainland. Through Tunisia and Egypt, they had arrived in Sudan when we met them. Beautiful pictures of a very special trip!

Volker (Germany, Honda Dominator) and Mülle (Germany, Honda Africa Twin) transafrica.myblog.de
We met in Sudan in the port of Wadi Halfa. Two friends that travelled in three months on motorbikes from Cape Town to Cairo. We spent some good time talking a lot about motorbikes. I am sure we will meet again, maybe on our way back to the Netherlands.

Maurits & MarloesMaurits and Marloes (Netherlands, Toyota Landcruiser) mauritsenmarloesontour.nl
We meet in Sudan in Khartoum. They travelled during four months from Cape Town along the east coast of Africa to the Netherlands.

Julian, Lorena and Trico (Argentina, Honda Africa Twin) www.porsiemprelamoto.com
We met in Sudan at the Blue Nile Sailing Club in Khartoum. They have been travelling for more than 12(!) years with their dog (!) on a motorcycle around the world. At the time we met them, they were riding through Africa and on their way to the Middle East.

Ross (GB, BMW F800GS) Facebook
We met in Libya when he was still on his way to South-Africa with Billy (see above). We met Ross again at Wim’s Holland House in Addis Abeba after he got stranded with technical problems to his motorbike. At the same time Billy was already enjoying cold beers and beautiful beaches in South Africa. When his motorbike was fixed, we met Ross again in Kenya to travel together for a while.

Pim (Netherlands, Toyota Landcruiser) www.zoverenverder.com
We met in Ethiopia at Wim’s Holland House after we had left a message in the guestbook at Tim and Kim Village. Together with Pim (and Jan and Margiet), we travelled from Ethiopia to Kenya following the Turkana Route. We spent some time with Pim in Kenya as well afterwards. This “writer-to-be” writes wonderful letters to his unknown future love on his blog. Highly recommended!

Michael and JudyMichael and Judy (Australia, Toyota Landcruiser) Overlandwalkabout.com
We met in Ethiopia at Wim’s Holland House. They shipped their (beautiful, tough) car from Sydney to Cape Town. From South Africa they are riding along the east coast of Africa to the Middle East. They will eventually ride back home through the ‘Stans’, Russia, Mongolia and China (!).

Jan and Margriet (Netherlands, Toyota Landcruiser) www.deeindervoorbij.nl
We met in Ethiopia and together (with Pim) traveller to Kenya following the Turkana Route. They use their retirement well and travel all round the world in their extremely well-equipped Toyota Landcruiser motorhome. Jan makes great little movies!

Jan & Margriet and PimTimm and Michaela with their children Lotta, Paula, Carl and Max (Germany, Landrover with trailer) Followdirectionnorth
We met in Kenya at Camp Roberts. After they have lived in South Africa for five years they are now driving along the east coast of Africa back to Germany. But not for long, because the plans for the next trip to Asia and Australia have made ​​already! Special trip and great inspiration!

Pieter and Steven (Netherlands and Belgium, Landrover) Anywaythewindblows
We met in Kenya at Camp Roberts and then again at Carnelly’s at Lake Naivasha. Two friends riding together through “the easy countries” (their words) of Africa and in the meantime taking a lot of pictures and enjoying fine wines.

Johan and Ben (Netherlands, BMW F800GS and Honda Africa Twin) WhoKnowsWhere?! or FacebookIrish
We met in Kenya in Nairobi at Jungle Junction. Two brothers who travelled the world on motorbikes for more than 1.5 years and were on their way home when we met. They drove through the Middle East to Asia. They are nog afraid to take any challenge and even drove through (less easy countries) Pakistan, Angola and Congo.

Irish (Ireland, BMW F800GS) Cork to Cape
We met in Kenya at the Thompson Falls in Nayahururu where he showed up with Ross. After a trip through the Americas he is now driving his bike from Cork in Ireland to Cape Town in South Africa. He travelled criss-cross through Europe, entered Africa through Israel, Jordan and Egypt and then followed the east coast of Africa to the south. On the pannier on the bike of his bike he carries a fold able guitar(!) on which he can play some awesome tunes!
Trevor, Shane, Kyle and Garth (South Africa and New Sealand, four Suzuki DR650s) This way up Africa
We met in Kenya at Jungle Junction. Friends Garth and Trevor ride with Kyle (son of Garth) and Shane (brother of Garth) in record time of about two months from Cape Town to Cairo, on their way wondering whether the north is actually the ‘right side up’.


©Mélusine Mallender

Mélu (France, Triumph Tiger 800XC)
Melusinemallender.fr and Facebook
We met in Kampala, Uganda. Mélu started her journey in Ethiopia to drive from there on her Triumph Tiger through the East African Countries, while capturing special stories of the people she meets with her videocamera. When she returns to France, she will make a documentary which will be broadcasted on French television late 2014. A truly great person and certainly the most adventurous woman we have ever met.

Ard and Tania (Netherlands and Denmark, BMW R1200GS Adventure) Show us your invention
We met in Uganda at Lake Bunyonyi. After having lived in Cape Town for a few years and having explored South Africa, they gave up their jobs to go travelling. First along the east coast of Africa to Europe. From there, everything is open!

Africa Cycle Trip 2014Roland, Jevon and Leonard (South Africa Bike)
Africa Cycle Trip 2014
We met in Malawi at Likoma Island. These veterinarians decided that after their study it was time for some adventure before they embark on the ‘real life’. What was initially a bike tour of a few weeks, became a journey of more than four months. From Cape Town they cycle through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania to their final destination: Zanzibar!

Marie Laurence, Christophe, Vincent and Clément
(France, Toyota Landcruiser) Chacun son continent
We met in Malawi in Lilongwe and again in Zambia in South Luangwe National Park. After they had made several short trips to the most exotic destinations, they decided to stay away a bit longer this time. With their children of 7 and 12 they drove their Toyota Landcruiser around four different continents for a year. A tour in South America, after that a ride through Australia, a few months in Asia, and to conclude a tour in southern Africa. Great trip!

Parenthese a veloJean-Marie, Nathalie, Zoé and Yan
(France, three bikes) Parenthese a vélo
We met in Zambia in Livingstone at Victoria Falls. Together with their children Zoé (9) and Yan (6) they travel around the world on their bicycles to discover what wonderful things the world has to offer us. Zoé has her own bike and Yan ’sits’ on a tandem bike with his mother Nathalie. They first ride through a part of Africa and then take their bikes to Asia. Amazing trip!

Nick and Beernt (The Netherlands, Volkswagen Golf)
Facebook Nick en Facebook Beernt
We met in Zambia. After their internship in South Africa, they decided to travel through Africa first before returning home to finish their studies in the Netherlands. They bought a 4×4 but that car stopped after a few hundred miles. With their last pennies they bought a Volkswagen Golf 1 to continue their trip. What followed was an awesome trip through Southern Africa! Just do it!!

Walter en MarionWalter and Marion (Germany, Man-Truck Camper) Kat on worldtour
We met in Windhoek in Namibia. They travelled with their dogs on two motorcycles with sidecar through Europe and Africa for several years. They are now enjoying an early retirement and have exchanged their home in Germany for a Man Truck Camper and do not intend to return to Germany any time soon.