An adventure in itself

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Een avontuur op zich 16After a fun week in Aswan we leave for Sudan on Sunday. We will follow our bikes to Sudan where they have arrived on Friday (hopefully). We look forward to seeing our red and white mopeds against in Wadi Halfa!. But it will still take some time, because we first have to take a trip with the ferry from Egypt to Sudan of about 17 hours!

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Waiting for the ferry

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Wachten op de boot in Aswan 17To go to Sudan from Egypt we have to take the ferry that runs between Aswan in Egypt and Wadi Halfa in Sudan. The boat runs on Lake Nasser, an artificial lake in the Nile that arose when they built a large dam in the 60s in Aswan. There are two land borders through which you can travel on a road from one country to another, but for unknown reasons those borders are not yet in use. Well, you could use the landborder, but only if you have received prior permission pay € 3,000 per vehicle. In that case we prefer to boat! Although that is also easier said than done. Lees meer (Read more)

Ancient Egypt

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Het oude Egypte 21We leave Temple Dush and drive back to the main road through the village of Baris. At the police checkpoint at the intersection we are kindly greeted. They had already recorded information about us when we passed there the night before, so after we have confirmed that we will directly go to Luxor today, they wave us through. It is Friday, the rest day for Muslims, and therefore very quiet on the road. Apart from a number of trucks we see almost no other traffic. The town of Baghdad is the last oasis on the route and after the police checkpoint there, we do not pass any other villages or checkpoints any more. On both sides of the road we only see a golden sand sea. There is a strong wind and we can only just keep our light motorbikes straight. Lees meer (Read more)

Oasis route through the desert

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Woestijn 13From Cairo there are different routes we can take to go south: along the Red Sea coast, along the Nile or through the Western Desert. We do not take the road along the Nile because it is too crowded and we will probably ride along the Nile for some time after Luxor. The route along the coast brings us to the beautiful beaches of Hurghada, but the chances that we will go there some day are quite good. That might be different for the desert. Lees meer (Read more)

Look, there they are!

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Daar zijn ze! 12When the alarm goes off at 7:00 am, we are both already awake and listening to the honking traffic in the streets of Alexandria. It has not been quiet that night.
After a quick breakfast of bread with cream cheese, we put all our bags in the wooden elevator of the hotel. Once down, I am glad to see that the bikes are still there and the wheels are still under them. Closely watched by the parking attendant and his friends we tie our stuff on the bikes and ride away from the hotel early in the morning. On to Giza, on to the pyramids! Lees meer (Read more)

Time to relax

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Even bijkomenWe start the new year by sleeping in late. No long drive or border crossing today, we will do absolutely nothing. If I draw the curtains late that morning, I look out over a beautiful bay with clear blue water and a long promenade lined with palm trees. Only now we can see the nice spot at which the police dropped us off yesterday night in the dark.

At 10:00 am Peter and I sit down with Billy and Ross for an Egyptian breakfast of round flat bread, fried eggs, a bowl with ground beans, vegetables, fresh cream cheese and some jam. A funny breakfast, but it is tasty. We are still waking up and talk about Libya and the long day at the border. Lees meer (Read more)

From one office, to another and another…

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Van het kastje naar de muur vlagAfter we went through the Libyan border fairly quickly, a new test awaited us: the Egyptian border. The border with Egypt and especially the sluggish bureaucracy there is notoriously under overlanders. We had read stories about the procedure at the border and they were not always positive, telling about long delays (up to 10 hours), paying high sums of bribes, unnecessarily long discussions about seemingly trivial things (again with a view to bribes) and interrogations of several hours. Apart from the administrative side, we also read that travelers were harassed and robbed. Not a pleasant prospect. Lees meer (Read more)