See you, North Africa

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Tot ziens, Noord-Afrika- 1With a visa for Ethiopia in our pocket we leave Khartoum and head for the border. It is about 600km to the border town of Metema. South of Khartoum there are no places of interest that we want to visit, so we plan to ride two full days. If we then camp just before the border on the second day, we can arrive there early to complete all the formalities so we still have sufficient time to ride to the first campsite in Ethiopia. Lees meer (Read more)

Chat in Khartoum

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Kletsen in Khartoum 19After we have admired the pyramids, we drive to the centre of Karima where we find the hotel that was recommended to us by Volker and Mülle. We can park our motorbikes in the courtyard of the hotel. After two days of bush camping it is great to have a shower (even if it is a cold shower) and sit on a normal toilet. The remainder of the afternoon we do some work on the blog, filter some water and wash clothes. Only when the sun is set we venture out to the main square of Karima to eat in one of the local restaurants. Lees meer (Read more)

Great, Sudan!

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Leuk hoor, Sudan!! 1Once on the dock, we drag our luggage to the direction of the Sudanese customs. Mazar, our fixer on the Sudanese side, had already informed us that he would wait for us there. It is warm and the bags seem even more heavy than they already were. Sweaty and with a red hot face we arrive at customs.
There we meet Mazar, a young, busy guy with a cheerful face and a contagious laugh. He wears neat trousers, black shoes and a blue shirt. He welcomes us to Sudan, puts our passports in his briefcase and asks us to follow him. Then it suddenly goes very quick. Before we know it our luggage is checked, we have a stamp in our passports and we sit in the back off an old Landrover pickup that brings us to a hotel. Lees meer (Read more)

An adventure in itself

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Een avontuur op zich 16After a fun week in Aswan we leave for Sudan on Sunday. We will follow our bikes to Sudan where they have arrived on Friday (hopefully). We look forward to seeing our red and white mopeds against in Wadi Halfa!. But it will still take some time, because we first have to take a trip with the ferry from Egypt to Sudan of about 17 hours!

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