Green, greener, greenest

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GroengandaAfter some relaxed days in Fort Portal, we ride out to the crater lakes just south of the city. Once we leave the center we immediately drive in a rural area along green fields and many bright green banana trees. The road winds up and down over the round hills. Here and there are small brown houses, sometimes right on top of such a round bump. The rain of the last days has done nature well, because everything sparkles in dozens colors of green. Lees meer (Read more)

Watching birds around the equator

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Vogels kijken 10At the end of the afternoon we arrive at Robert’s Camp, a beautiful campsite on Lake Baringo. During the trip Peter and I made ​​in 2007 to Kenya and Tanzania (then not as a couple yet), we also visited Robert’s Camp. We both had some good memories of the place: hippos at the campsite, crocodile eyes in the water that light up in your flash light, a boat ride on the lake and a nature walk led by Cliff. We wanted to go back again, but now as “lovers”. Lees meer (Read more)