Land of vulcanoes

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Land van vulkanenFor the ninth and final time this trip we cross the border between Argentina and Chile. We know the procedure by heart now and do not need much time for the paperwork. A friendly customs officer welcomes us to Chile, while he stamps our passports with a loud thud. It is a good thing we left home with some extra pages in our passports, because for the nine times we crossed we needed five pages for all stamps! It is becoming a nice collection. Lees meer (Read more)

A different Argentina

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Anders ArgentiniëIn the pocket of my motorcycle jacket I have a key chain holder of St Christopher. On my toiletry bag I pinned a lucky doll. And in my bag I carry: a lucky coin, a four-leaf clover, a happy buddha and a charm bracelet. All of them are presents to wish us a safe journey. I am a little superstitious, so everything got a place in my bag. And the collection was now expanded in Argentina, because at the back of our motorbikes are fluttering two red ribbons in the hope that “Difunta Correa” will help us. Lees meer (Read more)

Colourful mountains

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Gekleurde bergenBefore we start our road trip with Ton and Marijke through Chile and Argentina, we first take a moment to catch our breath. Peter and I take a rest from riding to Santiago and Ton and Marijke from their long flight to Chile. At the campsite just outside Santiago where we made camp, we take our time to catch up. At first while enjoying a cup of coffee, but before we know it is time to open the red wine. Although we had been in contact regularly through e-mail and Skype, we still have enough to tell each other. And it is quite different to hear those stories while they are sitting at the table with us, instead of on a computer screen. It is well after midnight when we turn of the light that evening. Lees meer (Read more)

Stop and GO

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Stilstaan en hollenWith renewed energy we begin with what feels like a new part of our trip in Ushuaia. We have now reached the southernmost point of our trip and will only go north from now! The plan is to drive from here to Calgary in Canada to visit our friends Daan and Miriam. From Ushuaia that is at least 15,000 km through 12 countries and probably much further if we -just like in Africa- zigzag through the continent. We met travellers that ride from Ushuaia to Dead Horse in Alaska in only three months time, but that is a bit fast for us. With an average of 200 km per day and some daytrips here and there it will take us at least least six months and perhaps even longer. If we can, we want to be in Canada before the real winter weather. Lees meer (Read more)

The end of the world

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Het einde van de wereldWhen we were at the end of the Carretera Austral and we looked out over the lake we felt that we had reached the end of civilization. Villa O’Higgins was the last village on the route and from this point there was only wilderness. On the map, however, we saw that we had not quite reached the end of civilization yet. On the other side of the mountains, in the southern most tip of Argentina we could visit Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world. From Villa O’Higgins no less than 1,000km south! The coming days we will drive through Chile and Argentina on the “Ruta del fin del Mundo” to the end of the world! Lees meer (Read more)

Carretera Austral (Part I)

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Carretera Austral ILike Ruta 40 in Argentina, Chile also has a legendary road: the “Carretera Austral”, a 1,240-kilometer-long gravel road through Chilean Patagonia. The road was built in 1976 on the request of  Chilean dictator Pinochet, then as the “Carretera General Augusto Pinochet”. Previous attempts to build a road through the inhospitable south of Chile had failed. Because of the harsh weather, access via the sea or the air also was difficult, due to which the south of Chile was only accessible from Argentina for a long time. When both countries became embroiled in a conflict, the Chilean army was deployed to build a road. An ambitious project involving a large number of casualties. Lees meer (Read more)

White peaks

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Witte toppenFrom Tecka we ride to San Carlos de Bariloche on Ruta 40, a legendary road that runs through Argentina. From the border with Bolivia in the north to Rio Gallegos in the south the ’40’ covers a distance of over 5,000 kilometers. It is one of the longest roads in the world. In 1932 they started the construction of the long gravel road, which has since then reached a cult status and has drawn many adventurers to all parts of Argentina. The gravel road is now rapidly being paved and some parts are diverted to connect other villages and towns. With the improvements to the road a part of the adventure is gone, but the route still has not lost its legendary status. Annually many motorcyclists start a trip with the sole purpose to ride the entire Ruta 40, preferably the original route. Lees meer (Read more)