Out of Africa

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Out of AfricaWith Dick’s departure our journey in Africa has also reached its end. After more than 300 days on this beautiful continent we leave Africa. Although we could have easily travelled another year in Africa because there are so many beautiful things to see here, but we go to South America for a new part of our adventure. Though that departure from Africa is not easy. Not only because we have lost a part of our heart to this continent, but also because it is quite an operation to get the motorbikes in South America. Lees meer (Read more)

Three times ‘water’

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Drie keer 'water'After the great five-day safari through Ethosha, we take our bikes from under the sail at the lodge just outside the park. They are there exactly as we had left them and start without problems. Great! We pitch our tents on the campsite of the lodge and sink into a chair while we have a look at the pictures of Etosha with a smile on our faces. We use the rest of the afternoon for the administration and the laundry and then bend over the map to plan the remainder of the trip. There are three places we would like to visit with Dick: the Chobe River in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and the Okavango Delta, again in Botswana. Three times to the water! Lees meer (Read more)


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EtoshaA highlight of our trip through Africa”, we can certainly say that about our visit to Etosha National Park. The game park is situated in the north-west of Namibia and is one of the largest game parks in southern Africa. With an area of 22,270 km2 it is greater than half of the Netherlands! The park is home to a large number of different animals: large groups of elephants, rhinos, zebras, all kinds of antelopes and many birds. The park consists of dry savannah, with a huge salt pan in the center and a large number of waterholes throughout the park. The animals all come to the waterholes to drink, making it the perfect place to see the wildlife. Lees meer (Read more)

Land of extremes

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Land van uiterstenOnce we leave Sossusvlei and the campsite in Sesriem behind us, we are once again alone. There is no traffic anywhere around us. It is as if the buses full of tourists and the many campers have dissolved in the Namibian dust. The road is in poor condition and has been changed into a rough washboard by the heavy coaches. Because we are the only ones on the road we can use the full width of the road to find the best path and avoid the biggest stones. It is still early but already very hot. Whenever we stopped to take a picture, it is nice to continue driving again for some air flow to cool down. With all the zippers of our suit open for some ventilation and with sun cream on the cheeks we bounce through the dust. Lees meer (Read more)

Cape-Namibia Route

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Cape Namibia RouteAfter a great time in Stellenbosch and a nice week in Cape Town, it is time to move on. Time to pack our bags and take the bikes out of storage after four weeks. With new tires, new chains and fresh oil they are ready to get going. And with clean suits, well-rested muscles and butterflies in our stomachs, we also want to hit the road again. The coming weeks we make one last round trip in Africa before we take the bikes to South America. From Cape Town we will follow the Cape-Namibia route to the north to travel through Namibia and Botswana. Lees meer (Read more)