Leonie and Peter are Jupiter’s Travellers!


Ted Simon

In 1973 Ted Simon set off from London on a Triumph Tiger for a solo journey around the world. He rode around for four years, covering 103.000km through 45 countries. Almost 30 years later he embarked on a second motorcycle journey with the aim of discovering how the world had changed. He wrote amazing books about his travels: “Jupiter’s Travels”, “Riding High” and “Dreaming of Jupiter”. An inspiration for many travellers, including us!

Ted Simon Foundation

During his travels Ted Simon noticed that people actually knew little about each other’s culture and the world in general. That ignorance can nurture prejudices and extremist ideologies, which can prevent people from making rational decisions. He is convinced that travellers, who share their personal experiences and insights, can contribute to a better understanding of the beauties, mysteries and tragedies of the world. After his travels he therefore established the Ted Simon Foundation, with which he wants to encourage and assist travellers to share their experiences. For example through a movie or a book. The travellers who will be assisted by the foundation are “Jupiter’s Travellers”.

Peter and Leonie “Jupiter’s Travellers”

Peter and I have learned during our trip that the world is much friendlier than you might think from watching the evening news or reading the newspaper. The people we met were friendly, warm and incredibly hospitable.

We might look different and we might pray to a different god, but everywhere in the world people are basically the same. We all need something to eat and to drink and a safe place to live. Everywhere people want to love and be loved. Across the globe parents want to send their children to school. And everywhere boys just want to be Spiderman and girls want to be a princess.

The stories and pictures about our trip are firstly rocking chair memories. Nevertheless, with our stories we hope to show that the world is a wonderful place, worth exploring. We are proud that we have become Jupiter’s Travellers in July 2015 and happy that we can count on the support of the Ted Simon Foundation when we turn our stories into a book.

More information about Ted Simon, the Ted Simon Foundation and other Jupiters Travellers can be found on the website:

The Ted Simon Foundation