Out of Africa

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Out of AfricaWith Dick’s departure our journey in Africa has also reached its end. After more than 300 days on this beautiful continent we leave Africa. Although we could have easily travelled another year in Africa because there are so many beautiful things to see here, but we go to South America for a new part of our adventure. Though that departure from Africa is not easy. Not only because we have lost a part of our heart to this continent, but also because it is quite an operation to get the motorbikes in South America. Lees meer (Read more)

Cape-Namibia Route

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Cape Namibia RouteAfter a great time in Stellenbosch and a nice week in Cape Town, it is time to move on. Time to pack our bags and take the bikes out of storage after four weeks. With new tires, new chains and fresh oil they are ready to get going. And with clean suits, well-rested muscles and butterflies in our stomachs, we also want to hit the road again. The coming weeks we make one last round trip in Africa before we take the bikes to South America. From Cape Town we will follow the Cape-Namibia route to the north to travel through Namibia and Botswana. Lees meer (Read more)

A guest from home

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Bezoek uit NederlandRiding around the world for two years is a great adventure. Away from everything we know, we discover together what the world has to offer. No familiar flat grasslands like in Holland, but vast deserts, high mountain ridges and rough oceans. We taste different food, hear other birds and see how others live. The journey gives us a great sense of freedom. An experience of which we already know that we will carry it with us for the rest of our lives.

But a journey of two years around the world also means that we will not see our family and friends during that time. Lees meer (Read more)

A house in Africa

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Een huis in AfrikaWanted: someone who watches our campsite during our vacation.” In short, that was the advert we saw when we were still in Uganda. The message was placed on the website Horizons Unlimited by Duncan and Elli, owners of a campsite in South Africa. They were looking for someone who wanted to look after their campsite ‘African Overlanders’ for a few weeks, in exchange for staying in their home, a place to carry out maintenance and a good internet connection. Just want we needed; an alternation to travelling, an opportunity to experience managing a campsite and three weeks in a house instead of our tent. And, after eight months it seems to be a good time for maintenance on the bikes and the website as well. Lees meer (Read more)

Argentina, here we come

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After nearly 11 months we leave Africa to start the second part of our journey, riding through ‘the Americas’. Tomorrow we follow our motorbikes and fly to Buenos Aires in Argentina. From Buenos Aires we will first ride to Ushuaia in the far south, before we start our ride all the way up to Canada in the north. We leave Africa with pain in our hearts, but are really looking forward to continue on a continent we have not visited before.

The website we will first post the last stories about Africa, about maintenance on the bikes, a visitor from Holland, more than 6,000km through Namibia and Botswana and our ’move’ to South America. After that the stories about South America will follow soon.

All the best and till next time, in Argentina, Peter and Leonie

PS Below are some pictures of what is still to come

Southern-most tip

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Mees suidelike puntAfter we have filled all tanks and jerrycans with fuel again, we find a place to sleep in Willowmore via the owner of the garage. He sends us to Jumpers Place, a hostel for bikers that is run by his daughter Lisa and her husband Rony. A good tip, because that night we only crawl into our bunk beds very late after a great evening with huge T-bone steaks, too many beers and lots of bike-talk. The next morning Rony makes us a ’men’s breakfast’ with eggs, bacon, beans and toast, before he shows us the best way to drive from Willowmore to the coast. Lees meer (Read more)

‘Adventure’ in all shapes and sizes

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Avontuur in alle soorten en matenAfter another very cold night at the Drakensberg, we have had enough of the cold weather. We prefer to wear our sunglasses instead of our woolen hat and decide to drive to the coast in one go, in search of better weather. A good decision, because once we are at the Indian Ocean, it is a lot more pleasant. Although the South Africans still find it bitterly cold and complain about the coldest winter in 20 years, is a perfect temperature for us Dutchies. It feels like a sunny spring day in Holland with a slight breeze. We turn off the heated grips and put away the rain suits that we had been wearing against the chilly wind. Lees meer (Read more)