Last day at work!

Laatste werkdagTravel without obligations. No tour guide we have to follow, no set route, no job to return to and no fixed costs. Ultimate freedom, that is what we dreamed of when we first considered to travel.

A sabbatical of a few months would not be sufficient to realise that dream. For the ultimate freedom we would both have to quit our jobs. And we would not make any arrangement to return to the same job afterwards. How ever great this might sound, it was easier dreamed than done.

Quitting our jobs in June was quite the ‘thing’. I was pretty nervous to inform my boss that I would be leaving and -against expectations- would be interrupt by career to travel. By saying out loud that I would quit my job, our trip came a lot closer, a special feeling.

The response we received to our plans was very positive. “Too bad that you are leaving, but what a great reason!”; “You do what everybody wants”; “I would never have the currage to do this!”; “It is now or never, with kids you are stuck”. As everybody now knew about the trip, we could finally take about our plans. It is difficult keeping that to yourself if you are so exicited about them.

Since June we both worked for another three months. During that period we were both very busy, without actually preparing to leave. This week that changed and the job really ended.

Laatste werkdagAfter 14 years at Akzo Nobel, of which the last three years in Rotterdam, Peter was on the night shift for the last time. A long period, that ended in a special way. During the last days a lot of colleagues came by to chat and say goodbye. Many kind words, also in several e-mails. There was a box in the control room that was covered with pictures of motor travellers for a contribution to a gift. They bought him great gifts, that were completed with a good whiskey of his own team. Peter his navigation skills will improve greatly with these gifts.

Laatste werkdagMy last day at the office was a few days later, on Friday. After a crazy week, with files that had to be finished and even a meeting for a new case, it was over on Friday. At 17:00 we all went to the bar at the office. On the bulletin it said “Farewell Leonie”, which gave me a lump in my throat. Just like the speech of my boss. I was speechless and could only just finish my own speech without crying my eyes out. As Peter, I also received great gifts. The smoked mackerel Jannig gave me was a highlight! Afterwards I went out for dinner with my team. It was a very special night, with a lot of nice words and even more drinks!


4 Reacties (Comments) - Last day at work!

  1. Jeff

    Nou de reis kan beginnen hoor ik zit er helemaal klaar voor……..
    Veel plezier en geluk voor onderweg toegewenst.

    Gr Jeff

  2. Gerard van der Kamp


    Een jaar of langer rondreizen en dan settelen in de stad Groningen. Je weet; hoe mooi de wereld ook is, er gaat niets boven Groningen.

    Wij wensen jullie allebei een fantastische reis toe en we zullen jullie belevenissen met plezier en belangstelling volgen.

    Gerard en Anja

  3. jannig kwakman

    hoi peter en leonie ik hoorde op het kantoor
    dat je een verslag van je laatste werkdag had geplaatst op deze site. wat enorm leuk dat ik er ook in voor kom .hoop dat de makreel gesmaakt heeft.ik wens jullie een geweldige reis wat een uitdaging te gek vele groetjes uit volendam en van mij jannig

  4. Jan Fokkes

    Hoi Peter,

    de laatste keer dat we elkaar spraken was in Delfzijl.
    Ik hoorde dat jullie een wereldreis gaan maken, te gek man.
    Ik zal dan ook de berichten van jullie met meer dan gewone belangstelling volgen.
    Ik heb alles op de site nog niet gelezen maar dat komt nog wel.
    In elk geval wens ik jou en Leonie een mooie reis.

    groetjes en tot later
    Jan Fokkes