Congo-Nile Trail

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Congo-Nile TrailAfter a few relaxing days in Gisenyi, we head further south. We liked our time on Lake Kivu, so we decide to stay close to the lake a few more days. According to the guidebook Kibuye, a town south of Gisenyi, is a nice place as well. That is were we will be going today. We heard about a direct road from Gisenyi to Kibuye that follows the shores of Lake Kivu. On our maps we cannot discover any road, but the owner of the campsite confirms the existence of the ‘Congo-Nile Trail’. Lees meer (Read more)

Land of a thousand hills

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Land van duizend heuvelsThe land of a thousand hills’ is the slogan that invites tourists to visit Rwanda. Green hills, nature parks, Mountain Gorillas and white beaches on Lake Kivu, the brochures promise a great holiday destination. Yet, beautiful nature was not the first thing I was thinking of when we discussed to ride through Rwanda. The first thing that came to mind was the horrific genocide that took place in 1994. Lees meer (Read more)