Malawi, above the water and underwater

| Leonie | AFRICA, Malawi | 3 Reacties (Comments)

Malawi, boven èn onder waterThe border between Tanzania and Malawi does not take much time and is perhaps the fastest crossing so far. Great, because this way we still have enough time to ride to the campsite after the delay of that morning (because of the fine). Today we are going to ‘The Mushroom Farm’ near Livingstonia, a campsite on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Malawi. Practically everyone we met so far advised us to go there. The steep road to the campsite apparently is quite challenging, but the priceless view alone would make the ride up more than worth it. Curious about this special place, we open the throttle and drive in the direction of Livingstonia. Lees meer (Read more)

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