About Rolex and the Hilton

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Over Rolex en het HiltonWe wake up in the cramped bed and look around the room. There is stuff everywhere and clothes are hanging to dry. It is a mess and it smells pretty bad. A sour smell comes from our motorcycle boots, our motorcycle suits smell like wet dog and my helmet does not particularly smell like flowers either. After a day in the rain and mud, we look like real adventurers and so do we smell as well. A cold shower and a block of soap give a fresh feeling, which unfortunately immediately disappears as soon as we put on our suits again. Just a few more days and then we will have time to wash everything. Mélu despite everything looks like a well-groomed Parisian, complete with tight fitted motorcycle jeans, a white scarf à la Jackie Kennedy and motorcycle boots with high heels. So it is possible… Lees meer (Read more)

Motorbike safari in Uganda

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Motorsafari in OegandaGrand waterfalls, white beaches on an azure ocean, tropical forests, gurgling volcanoes, blistering hot deserts and raging rivers. All this we saw during our trip through Africa. And chances are that we will see such beauty again on other continents. However, one thing is unique to Africa: the vast savannas bearing the ‘Big Five’. Africa is the only continent where lions, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and African elephants still exist in the wild. They can be seen during a safari in one of the many national parks. And now we’re here … Lees meer (Read more)

Heavenly honeymoon

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Hemelse Honeymoon 5Peter and I are not married, but if anyone asks I introduce Peter as my ‘husband’. First, because “boyfriend” or “partner” sounds a little funny, but mainly because it is easier and avoids complicated questions. Where it is generally accepted in the Netherlands that we lived together as an unmarried couple and are now travelling together, it certainly is not the case in Africa. When we fill out forms, we can often only choose between “single” or “married.” Anything in between does not seem to exist. In order to share a hotel room we fill in that we are married. And on the streets, when a little too pushy African wants to take a picture with me (his “white European girlfriend”), I hold up my ringed finger and I point to ‘my husband’. Although we never officially said “yes” to each other, we are marries if any one asks and -in line with that- we enjoyed even an unexpected honeymoon …. Lees meer (Read more)

Red earth, green hills

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Rode aarde, groene heuvels 6To go from Kenya to Uganda we can choose between different border crossings. The most commonly used border crossing is in Malaba on the main highway from Nairobi to Kampala. A busy checkpoint where the freight traffic to the Ugandan capital also crosses. Further north, on the slopes of Mt Elgon, we can also cross the border at the little town of Suam. A gateway that is not used by many travellers, because the road to the border is not paved. In the rainy season the dirt road turns into a slippery mud path that is impassable for most traffic. Although the rainy season should have started a month ago, there has been almost no rain. The road should therefore still be in good condition. And when we look at the blue sky we hope it will stay dry the next few days. Lees meer (Read more)

Hotel California

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Hotel California 1Essential for a motorcycle trip around the world: a running motorbike. Call it a wise purchase, proper maintenance or just good luck, but the only problem that we have experienced so far is a leaking gasket between the tank and the fuel pump (knock, knock, knock***). Not everyone has the same experience. Ross practically had to rebuild his bike in Ethiopia and now Irish has problems with his bike. Halfway through the Turkana route the alternator of his bike stopped, as a result of which his battery stopped charging after which his bike stopped. To repair or replace the alternator along the way was not an option. The solution? The battery of a Toyota Land Cruiser…. Lees meer (Read more)

Tour through Kenya

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Rondje Kenia 12On Tuesday morning we pack up our tent. We will go out of the city and into the country to see some other parts of Kenya. First Mount Kenya and from there we’ll see where to go. We say goodbye to Chris of Jungle Junction and Pim. Although we left well after the morning rush hour, we are still stuck in traffic. It takes us over an hour to get out of the ever busy Nairobi. As we leave the city behind us, we drive onto a busy road heading north. A beautiful route that winds through green hills, tea plantations and even rice fields. Lees meer (Read more)

Brown bread with Dutch cheese

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Bruin brood met oude kaas  1A night out on the town with friends, watching our favourite Dutch talk show, visit to a beauty salon for a pedicure, lunch in town with the girls, swimming laps in the pool, a cup of coffee on the lounger in the garden, a large double bed with crisp white sheets and brown bread with Dutch cheese….
That does not sound like a motorcycle trip through Africa where most nights are spent in a tent. Yet we had all of this and more when we visited our good friends Wouter and Agnes in Nairobi! Lees meer (Read more)