Malawi, above the water and underwater

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Malawi, boven èn onder waterThe border between Tanzania and Malawi does not take much time and is perhaps the fastest crossing so far. Great, because this way we still have enough time to ride to the campsite after the delay of that morning (because of the fine). Today we are going to ‘The Mushroom Farm’ near Livingstonia, a campsite on the edge of a cliff overlooking Lake Malawi. Practically everyone we met so far advised us to go there. The steep road to the campsite apparently is quite challenging, but the priceless view alone would make the ride up more than worth it. Curious about this special place, we open the throttle and drive in the direction of Livingstonia. Lees meer (Read more)

In search of Livingstone

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Op zoek naar LIvingstoneFrom north to south, from east to west, clockwise or a ‘figure of eight’, there are a hundred and one ways to travel through Africa. Despite all these different ways, many overlanders take similar routes. Routes along the highlights of the different countries, with occasional trips to the left or right. “Beaten overland trails,” you might say. We are riding the long version of the “Cairo to Cape Town” route. From Uganda or Kenya, this beaten trail travels through the famous national parks in northern Tanzania towards the Indian Ocean and the tropical island of Zanzibar. A route that we have already followed with great pleasure in 2007. This time we leave the beaten overland trail and remain in the West of Tanzania where we will first be looking for Livingstone. Lees meer (Read more)

Very short visit

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BliksembezoekJudging from the birds that are singing and chirping outside our tent, the sun is up. We do not notice any difference in our tent, because it is still dark as the dense jungle stops every sunbeam from hitting our tent. It is cold. The Nyungwe National Park is situated at 2500m. That is pretty good during the day, but at night it can be quite chilly. We have no desire to come out of our warm sleeping bag and certainly no desire to use the cold water in the shower. But we will have to, because today we have another long day ahead: crossing the border with Burundi. Lees meer (Read more)

Congo-Nile Trail

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Congo-Nile TrailAfter a few relaxing days in Gisenyi, we head further south. We liked our time on Lake Kivu, so we decide to stay close to the lake a few more days. According to the guidebook Kibuye, a town south of Gisenyi, is a nice place as well. That is were we will be going today. We heard about a direct road from Gisenyi to Kibuye that follows the shores of Lake Kivu. On our maps we cannot discover any road, but the owner of the campsite confirms the existence of the ‘Congo-Nile Trail’. Lees meer (Read more)

Land of a thousand hills

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Land van duizend heuvelsThe land of a thousand hills’ is the slogan that invites tourists to visit Rwanda. Green hills, nature parks, Mountain Gorillas and white beaches on Lake Kivu, the brochures promise a great holiday destination. Yet, beautiful nature was not the first thing I was thinking of when we discussed to ride through Rwanda. The first thing that came to mind was the horrific genocide that took place in 1994. Lees meer (Read more)

In search of Mountain Gorilla’s

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Op zoek naar berggorilla's!Deep in the tropical rainforests of Uganda lives one of the most endangered species in the world; the Mountain Gorilla. It is one of four types of gorilla’s and with a population of only 850 by far the most endangered type. The Mountain Gorilla is found in the national parks on the borders of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo (DRC). Each year, only a limited number of tourists can go on a gorilla-tracking. We were two of the lucky ones who managed to get tickets! Lees meer (Read more)

Green, greener, greenest

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GroengandaAfter some relaxed days in Fort Portal, we ride out to the crater lakes just south of the city. Once we leave the center we immediately drive in a rural area along green fields and many bright green banana trees. The road winds up and down over the round hills. Here and there are small brown houses, sometimes right on top of such a round bump. The rain of the last days has done nature well, because everything sparkles in dozens colors of green. Lees meer (Read more)